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Jack's Newest Venture: Outrageous Optimism!
Outrageous Optimism, by Jack Roseman and Steve Czetli, offers a unique view of a life in entrepreneurship, with valuable tips and advice on dozens of topics that can save you time and help your company grow. Drawing on Jack's experience as negotiator, entrepreneur, professor at Carnegie Mellon University and President of a publicly held company, the book is a quick-read with a tangible payoff. Outrageous Optimism is available for purchase at
What others are saying about Outrageous Optimism:

"Possibly 1,000 business books come out every year (maybe every month!) so it would take a lot of nerve to claim this one, made in Pittsburgh, as the year's best. But it just may be."
   -- Jack Markowitz, former business editor, Pittsburgh Tribune Review

"Outrageous Optimism is just like Jack Roseman -- wise, shrewd, candid and funny. It's business from the head and the heart of a guy who has experienced the highs and lows and kept on moving ahead."
-- Douglas Heuck, former business editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Real World Solutions from a Professional CEO

It takes a fellow CEO to know how to truly grasp the challenges that confront a CEO.

With a point of view and judgment that only real life experience as a CEO can produce, The Roseman Institute provides coaching, mentoring and negotiating assistance to CEOs of growing enterprises.

Seasoned by 4 decades of experience, serial entrepreneur and award-winning educator Jack Roseman brings to bear the know-how of a CEO who has "been there, done that" to help growth-oriented entrepreneurs meet real world and marketplace challenges to take their company to the next level.

In addition to resolving day to day operating problems, Jacks helps clients unravel business problems and meet growth-related challenges including the following:

Revising business plans to enhance the likelihood of funding

Assembling an effective Board of Directors

Identifying and recruiting key people

Formulating compensation and stock option plans for founders,
    directors and employees

Negotiating key agreements, including the sale of the company

Identifying and negotiating with capital providers, including alternative
    funding sources, like government entities, non-profits and commercial

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