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Client Corner

When your company requires the steady hand of a veteran CEO...

Companies that have benefited from Jack's guidance and first hand understanding of the business process include:

McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Agentase LLC
Ditto Document Solutions
Omega Systems, Inc.
Kobold Watches
Marcus Studios
Paragon Solutions
Akustica, Inc.
Carnegie Mellon University - Jared Cohon
Adams Capital
Carnegie Mellon University - S. Thomas Emerson

Alan Russell, Ph.D.
Director of the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Executive Director, Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative

"I have turned to Jack many times for advice and support in the growth of technology-based companies that I have started. Jack's wit, wisdom and energy have always made it a pleasure to learn from him."

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Keith LeJeune, Ph.D.
CEO of Agentase LLC

"Jack has been extremely helpful to me in both planning activities and executing on those plans. He is always able to draw on what seems to be an endless collection of experiences to provide insights that get straight to the heart of an issue. Working with Jack has been, and continues to be, a great pleasure."

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Steve Shriber
Principal, Ditto Document Solutions

"I would highly recommend Jack as a business advisor. Working with Jack has proven to be an extremely rewarding experience for me and my company. He is an entrepreneur at heart with tremendous knowledge of the business world. His ability to provide and outside perspective on tough business decision has been a great help to us as our business continues to grow."

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Manu Kumar
Founder, NetSpoke

"Having been one of Jack Roseman's students, I can vouch for his incredible ability to make each of us rethink how we run our businesses. I have the utmost respect for Jack and his commitment to entrepreneurship."

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William Mariotti,
CEO/Founder, Omega Systems, Inc.

"As a smaller organization, we were continually seeking ways to grow in an intensely competitive business environment. It was through Mr. Roseman's effectiveness as a consultant/mentor that our management team was able to rethink our strategic direction. Mr. Roseman was a major factor in our growth of over six million per annum. His ability to negotiate led to our subsequent lucrative sale to an international one billion dollar company."

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Michael Kobold
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Kobold Watches

"I have had the honor and pleasure of Jack's valuable advice from the time I was a student at the University, all the way until my business was successful. That success is not just in part a result of Jack's excellent input, but can be attributes in an enormous way to the leadership and interpersonal skills of this great businessman and lecturer. Someone with his experience and knowledge should be on every CEO's short list for top advisor."

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Craig Marcus
Owner, Marcus Studios

"We are extremely fortunate to have Jack Roseman in the city of Pittsburgh as a resource for entrepreneurs and business leaders. He is one of those extremely rare individuals who can impart wisdom and tell you a terrific joke all at the same time. I am certain that I am among the majority of Jack's students who consider him a major influence, not only in their businesses, but in their lives in general."

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Steve Czetli
Editor and Founder, TechyVent

"Jack Roseman is the quintessential advisor: wise, tough-minded and always thinking out of the box. His humor and optimism are infectious. His integrity is rock solid. It's hard to work with Jack without quickly coming to think of him as not only a mentor, but a friend."

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Sue Parker
Founder, Paragon Solutions

"As the CEO of a growing company, it was difficult to find the right resources to advise our business. We needed someone who has stood in our shoes and had been confronted with not only making the decisions that take you down the right path when you reach that all important 'Y' in the road, but who had navigated through the challenges of the tough everyday choices. Jack was never afraid to ask the tough questions to ensure we had thoroughly thought through all aspects if a problem and supported us in whatever decision we finally made. Through Jack's strong ability to teach and mentor we formed a relationship based on respect, trust and friendship. Jack once told me that relationships are very important and that.the magic of life is in how souls respond to each other. I couldn't agree more and couldn't have found a better soul to mentor and advise us that Jack Roseman."

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What others say...

Ken Gabriel, Ph.D.
Chairman, Akustica, Inc.

"The range, creativity and quality of Jack's mentoring on business, marketing, financial and people are superior to any I have ever had. Jack has the rare combination of abilities to not only quickly identify things you could do better in starting and running an enterprise, but to also deliver that message to you in a caring and humorous way that leaves you motivated, feeling good about yourself, and more often than not, laughing out loud."

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Jared Cohon, Ph.D.
President, Carnegie Mellon University

"Jack Roseman has the experience, judgment and wisdom required to effectively advise CEO's and founders of companies. His contributions to Carnegie Mellon University over the years have been numerous and highly valued. With confidence, I endorse the concept of the Roseman Institute and stand behind Jack's ability to provide the critical assistance growing companies need."

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William Hulley, Cofounder
Adams Capital - $700 million venture capital fund

"A long time ago, I decided that I wanted to be someone that took ideas and made businesses out of them. Jack helped me to figure out how to do that, over and over and over again."

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S. Thomas Emerson, Ph.D.
Director, Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship
Carnegie Mellon University

"Jack Roseman is Western Pennsylvania's consummate entrepreneur. No one knows more about what it takes to succeed or teaches and mentors entrepreneurs better."

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