Shoppable Instagram

Connect content to commerce, quickly sending shoppers from the point of inspiration to the point of purchase, with authentic and relevant social proof.

Encourage trust and peer-influenced purchases by curating user-generated content (UGC) from your brand’s Instagram account and the images you’re tagged or mentioned in, syncing those authentic visuals with your Nosto product catalog, then highlighting them as shoppable content across key ecommerce pages.

Offer relevancy through personalizing your Shoppable Instagram content

Tailor your shoppable UGC experiences to different shoppers based on their behavior and preferences, from a single solution. Keep it fresh by letting this content dynamically evolve to surface new, relevant UGC the moment your customers share it.

Rest assured your campaigns are performing the best they can be, with A/B testing

Maximize results by A/B testing variations of your Shoppable Instagram setups (or even testing these against your other Nosto campaigns). Nail down what works, and continually test and optimize to ensure you’re always set for success.

Let smart automations and fast deployment handle the grunt work

Quick to install, easy to use, and simple to operate. Use neat automations that—by default—remove content showing unavailable stock, letting Shoppable Instagram keep up with your inventory and highlighting only products your customers can convert on.

Help visitors ‘shop the look’ from
Instagram across your ecommerce store

Drive discovery

Inspire shoppers and drive product discovery by featuring the trusted content that online shoppers seek, across your entire ecommerce store.

Increase sales

Grow sales and average order value (AOV) by helping hesitant shoppers see your products in real-world scenarios, while making it easy for them to purchase from a piece of UGC.

Improve loyalty

Encourage customers to create and share branded content by showcasing that of other customers on your website. Make people feel like part of your brand, and watch your customer lifetime value (CLTV) grow.