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Jack's Corner

Jack has been a featured columnist in the Post Gazette and T.E.Q., a publication of the Pittsburgh Technology Council, and regularly authors articles on a variety of topics. Click on a topic below to view a list of articles.

Hiring & Motivating Key People
The company's most valuable asset will not be found on the balance sheet. To increase employee productivity and morale, fit compensation and incentive plans to your company's culture.

Culture and Values Make the Difference

Tips on how to make your vision contagious by lacing corporate culture with key values. Uncover the competitive advantages for customer and employee loyalty and retention.

The Makings of an Effective Negotiation
Power plays and drawing distinctions that force a choice. Advice on finding your competitive advantage to level the playing field in negotiations with investors, customers, key hires and potential acquirers.

The Lonely CEO
Entrepreneurial CEO's encounter many paradoxes. The unique characteristics that make us successful entrepreneurs can also impair the long-term growth of the company. Tips on mitigating these tensions, managing yourself and choosing your sounding board.

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